Rest of Jess

The loves and dreams of a California girl.


Favourite Musicians| Regina Spektor.

"This is how it works: you’re young until you’re not. You love until you don’t, you try until you can’t, you laugh until you cry, you cry until you laugh. And everyone must breathe until their dying breath.

This is how it works: you peer inside yourself, you take the things you like and try to love the things you don’t. And then you take that love you make and stick it into someone else’s heart pumping someone else’s blood.”

Take the wild ones, they’re my favorite.

It’s the side effect that save us, grace.

Put the flowers you find in a vase.

So raise a glass to turnings of the season,
And watch it as it arcs towards the sun,
And you must bear your neighbors burden within reason,
And your labors will be borne when all is done, and nobody nobody knows,
Let the yoke fall from our shoulders,
Don’t carry it all don’t carry it all,
We are all our hands in holders,
Beneath this bold and brilliant sun.

This I swear to all.

He looks just like you want him to, some kind of slick chrome American prince.

Blue jean serenade, Moon River what’d you do to me?

Saw Cinderella in a party dress but
She was looking for a night gown
I saw the devil warping up his hands
He’s getting ready for the show down
I saw the ending were they turned the page
I threw my money and I ran away
Strait to the Vally of the great divide

And were the dreams roll high
And were the wind don’t blow
Out here the good girls die.

ever since i heard the howling wind
i didn’t need to go where a bible went 
but then you know your gifts seemed heaven sent
just lead me to a choler, dad, thats the thing

i don’t know how you house the sin
but you’re free now
i was never sure how much of you i could let in
am i free now
won’t you settle down baby here your love has been
heavenly father
it’s defiantly lava
why you don’t carry other names

heard about a day where it dropped the Know
to go another day as we learn to close

cause I’m a known coward in a coward wind
but you’re free now
you turn around now and you count to 10
to see you go now
well i know now honey that i can’t pretend
heavenly father
is whose brought to his autumn
and love is left in end

i just been up here for god damn years 
can you see now?
filling up hulls with god damn fears
i am free now
i know about it darling i been standing here
heavenly father
is all that he offers
a safety in the end

I don’t want to get over you
I guess I could take a sleeping pill
And sleep at will
And not have to go through what I go through
I guess I should take Prozac, right,
And just smile all night
At somebody new,
Somebody not too bright
But sweet and kind
Who would try to get you off my mind
I could leave this agony behind
Which is just what I’d do
If I wanted to,
But I don’t want to get over you

Cause I don’t want to get over love
I could listen to my therapist,
Pretend you don’t exist
And not have to dream of what I dream of;
I could listen to all my friends
And go out again
And pretend it’s enough,
Or I could make a career of being blue
I could dress in black and read Camus,
Smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth
Like I was 17
That would be a scream
But I don’t want to get over you.

The star maker says, “It ain’t so bad”
The dream maker’s going make you mad
The spaceman says, “Everybody look down, it’s all in your mind”